Monday, October 19, 2009

witch kitty

Here's a helpful tip...don't freeze black rice and expect it to hold a shape when you thaw it! I was pleasantly surprised when the fresh hot black rice held together nicely in a triangular onigiri mold 2 weeks ago, but not so impressed when it fell apart after being microwaved 2 weeks later. So to maintain my original bento design with a black witch's hat, I grabbed a triangular silicon baking cup and put the black rice inside that instead.

Once I had the cat and hat finished, it looked more pirate or pilgrim to me, but whatever, it still looks seasonal, right?!

Ryan's lunch: green beans dressed w/soy sauce; black rice w/carrot; meatless meatballs; rice ball w/nori & black rice cat face; carrot sticks.

Ryan's school snack:
dried apricots, pumpkin
banana coconut bar.

AJ's school snack:
raisins, pumpkin banana
coconut bar.

For recipe, see here,
but add 1 banana & 1/2
cup shredded coconut.

I never did get around to blogging yesterday. It snowed for the second time in mid-October (never happens here!)...the kids were stir-crazy...and my husband was on the way home from 4 days in Texas. And I was about out of groceries.

So time for a muffin tin meal. Seriously, I had 1 frozen veggie burger, 2 end pieces of bread, some random dried fruits & nuts, and a few stray farm veggies and apples hanging around...but the kids always go for a "picnic" as they call it!

Top row: BBQ Sunshine Burger wedges; apple slices; bell pepper & cucumber slices.
Middle row: green beans; pbj sandwiches; carrot sticks.
Bottom row: cashews & Craisins; edamame; peanuts & raisins.

Now that Maia has all
her 1 year molars and
almost all of her incisors,
she's ready to share all
of the yummy crunchy
foods that her brothers

She held her own during
the vulture diving food
frenzy, LOL.


Jen Treehugger said...

AWESOME! LOVE LOVE LOVE this post so much.

Unknown said...

I love that you set it on the floor and let them go to town! What fun! :D

x said...

I love the Witch Kitty and the muffin tray used as a plate! What healthy, happy kids you have!

Jennifer said...

You've probably already heard of it, but there is a group of mom bloggers who do Muffin Tin Mondays where they maked themed muffin tin meals for their kids. I've been meaning to try to join in and I always forget. Here's the blog that hosts the blog carnival each week.