Saturday, October 31, 2009

candy candy candy

We let our kids do all the usual Halloween stuff, trick-or-treating included. I have a stash of replacement treats ready to stuff in their pumpkin bags when they get home.

Ryan and AJ are getting old enough that they often know which treats are vegan and which are not. But this year I'm going to post lists that they can check themselves--a "Yes" list, a "No" list, and a "Don't Know" list (which necessitates Google searches, emails to manufacturers, and 1800 phone calls...and often surreptitious trips to the trash can or to the "donate" bag). And of course they can just read ingredients with us.

Here are the lists I'll be posting today: The "Yes" list and The "No" List. The "No" List is by no means all inclusive. What
it does is flag candies that
contain less obvious bug-
derivatives. Milk chocolate
and gelatin containing treats
are pretty easy to discern.


Barefoot Books said...

My son can't/won't eat any of his candy. I have to buy replacement candy (nut free chocolate) for him and he'll trade with me.

I will then take the unwanted candy to a local toy store and they will give us a coupon for 25% off one toy.

veganf said...

Which store does that? Sounds pretty neat.

Valerie said...

Lemonheads are on both those lists.

veganf said...

I've definitely got some detective work to do! I won't stop 'til I get an answer from the source!

Sometimes it depends on WHERE stuff is manufactured. Like Oreo cookies...depends on which country you're buying them is as to whether they're vegan or not.