Thursday, October 8, 2009

fried rice & fritters

Ryan's lunch: blanched mixed greens (spinach, beet greens, tat soi); zucchini fritter; orange segments; fried rice; strawberry gel cup on the side.

Yay for a fried recipe that
works! The zucchini fritter
recipe is from another Mofo'ing
mama at Tofu-N-Sprouts. I
used summer squash because
that's what I had available. I
cut back on the spices, onion &
garlic a bit since these were
intended for the kids...and of course most were stolen by my husband and the baby! I later whipped up some white bean hummus to dip these in for myself. Bonus that these are gluten and soy free! I fried them in peanut oil, but I'm sure canola or sunflower oil would work well too.

As for the fried rice, I was aiming to make the "Miso-Pickle Rice" from the cookbook Bento Boxes which I reviewed here. But when I got out my pickled burdock root from the fridge, I realized I had opened the package quite a while ago to garnish some sushi, and the pickling liquid was very cloudy and funky looking, so into the compost went the burdock root, and I made do with some thin carrot instead. I sauteed the carrot first in a little oil with miso, and used chick'n Smart Strips instead of chicken. My husband also stole the leftovers to have for breakfast, LOL.


Anonymous said...

another fantastic looking lunch!

Unknown said...

Oh yum!!! I looove the look of the zucchini fritters! I'm hoping the garden still has some when I go peek at it tomorrow!

veganf said...

Yeah, we got what are likely the last zucchini/summer squash of the season last week. But October is LATE for New England, so no complaints here!