Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Yesterday was National Pig Day. Not quite sure the significance, but I had an idea for a pig, but not an idea for Peanut Butter Lover's Day. So a pig it was!

Ryan and AJ's lunches:
pickle; smoked Tofurky
"flower"; carrot "flowers";
gel cups; asian rice crackers;
pink rice pig with soy cheese
ears & nose, nori eyes, &
strawberry jam cheeks;
steamed broccoli; purple

Maia asked for a "butterfly sandwich" for her lunch...
Maia's lunch for preschool: pickle; baby carrot; steamed broccoli; purple grapes; jam sandwich.

And Monday's lunches...
Ryan & AJ: edamame; sauteed asparagus; soba noodles; orange slices.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

February sure didn't FEEL short!

And here is the backlog of February bentos...
I'm guessing this was Ryan's lunch, because AJ doesn't like lots of blueberries! At this point I can't remember what was in each sandwich unless the middle is showing: Cucumber slices, carrot, cantaloupe & blueberries; a sandwich.

Looks like a small
lunch for recouperating
boys: peanut butter &
jelly sandwiches; Nudgie
bar piece; steamed
broccoli; pickle; carrots;
cantaloupe; dried apricots.

crackers, Tofurky & soy
cheese; carrot; cucumber
slices; cashews; mini
apple cider raisin muffin;
1/2 a yellow apple; pickle.

Not exactly bento, but s it's still lunch: Thermos of leftover whole wheat pasta & kale bake for AJ, lentil soup for Ryan; applesauce; pretzels.

A lunch of leftover
pepperoni pizza from
Peace O' Pie! Plus a
tiny piece of raspberry
dark chocolate, carrots,
and some applesauce on
the side.

Mini pumpkin muffin;
mini apple cider raisin
muffin; steamed broccoli;
orange slices; pickle;
1/2 a chicken-free pattie
on an english muffin.

Not exactly bento, but s it's still lunch: Thermos of leftover whole wheat pasta & kale bake for AJ, lentil soup for Ryan; applesauce; pretzels.

Maia's lunch:
Tofurky slices;
grapes; cantaloupe;
rice pilaf with

Rice pilaf with
broccoli; cantaloupe
& purple grapes; mini
pumpkin muffins.

A muffin tin meal at home:
Celery sticks; baguette slices; poppyseed thyme crackers; mini pumpkin muffins; raisins; baby carrots; soy cheese squares; dried apricots; yellow apple slices; cashews; gherkin pickles; seaweed rice crackers.

Chili; cous cous;
steamed broccoli;
meatless meatball;
steamed cauliflower.

Maia's lunch: steamed broccoli; Tofurky slice; cantaloupe; grapes; steamed cauliflower; cous cous.

Some sort of english
muffin sandwich;
cantaloupe; baby carrots;
cucumber slices.

Wasn't this the coolest
potato you've ever seen!
Looked like a cute little
animal... I almost hated
to use it, but when it
finally started sprouting
its time had come.

Basmati rice with channa masala (chick pea curry); cucumber slices; pickle; mini pumpkin muffin.

Soba noodles; striped
apple slices; sesame
baked tofu; blanched
spinach; cucumber
slices; avocado cucumber

Maia's lunch:
cucumber slices;
striped apple slice;
blanched spinach;
avocado sushi; soba

English muffin pizzas; Tofurky slice; 1/2 a yellow apple; steamed broccoli; carrot rounds.

Strawberries; apple
slices; rice & bean
burrito; carrot sticks;
pickle; steamed broccoli;
green beans; mini
banana muffin.

mini apple cider
raisin muffin;
steamed broccoli;
pickle; snap peas;
strawberries; dried

Flax lavash wraps;
cucumber slices;
mini pumpkin muffins.