Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Restaurant Review: Gianni's

Gianni's Pizza & Subs, Framingham, MA

I love pizza. And I'm
originally from New
York. So when I look
for a good pizza, I want
a thin crust that is not
greasy, a simple tasty
tomato sauce, and being
a vegetarian I obviously
want a good selection
of toppings.

Luckily we live right around the corner from three pizza shops. But only Gianni's has the right kind of crust for us.

Our standard order that
the boys enjoy is a large
pizza, sans le fromage,
with spinach, mushrooms &
black olives. Toppings are
usually $2 a piece, but
they'll add one free instead
of the cheese for their
monday night 2 large
pizzas deal.

While pregnant I got hooked on a cheeseless tomato, garlic, black olive pizza. My non-pregnant self also loves this combo with broccoli.

But if cheese is your
thing, that's good too.
My husband is not
vegan, and he sometimes
stops in for a slice or two
on the way to an evening

And if you're not in the mood for pizza (you must be crazy) there are plenty of other options: subs, pasta, lasagna, calzones, appetizers & salads.

There is very limited seating inside, since most people get take-out or delivery (check their website for coupons on pick-up or eat in). In nice weather there are picnic tables out front with umbrellas if you don't mind the traffic.

Definitely the best pizza I've found without heading into Boston proper. Gianni's is located at 861 Edgell Road. 508-877-7697 or 508-877-7704.

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