Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Don't turn into a pumpkin!

First off, a school lunch
using Happy Herbivore's
Fat-Free Vegan Tuna
Salad recipe
... I called it a
"chick pea salad sandwich"
for Ryan because I knew it
would be more likely well-
received that way!

Ryan's lunch: Thermos of
leftover potato pumpkin
celeriac soup; chick pea
salad sandwich w/lettuce
on wheat english muffin
decorated with a vegan rice
cheese pumpkin w/nori
face; mini orange gel cup; a
strawberry; pickles.

This is the time of year that I like to cook with abandon, and I notice our portions start to grow out of control. In an effort not to turn into holiday pumpkins ourselves, I set out a 1/2 cup measuring cup to remind us of what a single serving looks like. Sigh!

I also prepare a large
plate full of vegetables
early in the day to munch
on in between and during
meals. My husband really
likes this, often dipping
his in mustard or hummus,
or sprinkling a little salt on
the radishes. I enjoy this
in the evening with a
handful of nuts and a
tomato juice (with or
without vodka, LOL).

The kids also enjoy
extra veggies this
way. Here's AJ eating
a plate of veggies with
some homemade sun-
dried tomato hummus
in the middle for dipping.

Another challenging part of the autumn/winter holiday season is the end of our weekly CSA farm share. We are once again purchasing a winter vegetable share, but that is only a monthly pickup, with fewer fresh greens and more starchy storage vegetables. Still, we do what we can to eat as locally as possible, visiting various farmer's markets that sell more greenhouse grown items, and looking for local produce at the supermarket.

Here are a few pics from yesterday's farm pickup:

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Jenny said...

cute ideas. love your blog. glad i found it. love all vegan blogs, but i really love my fellow vegan kid/parent blogs.