Friday, October 9, 2009

Autumn means apple cake

Ryan's lunch: baby carrots;
apple layer cake; chicken-
free salad; steamed broccoli;
pizza pinwheels.

Ryan couldn't wait for lunch
this morning! Drooling over
the apple cake, sampling the
extra pinwheels...

The pizza pinwheels were
inspired by a Pillsbury
magazine from
last fall. Whenever crescent
rolls are on sale and I have
a coupon, I am a sucker.
I filled these with: a sprinkle
of vegan parmesan, 1 oz.
grated cheddar Vegan
Gourmet cheese, a dribble
of mild salsa, 1/4 package
of Yves pepperoni, chopped.
Roll, slice, bake for 11 mins.
Perfect size for little hands
and lunchboxes!

Leaves are changing around instead of showing 400 leaf pics that I love so much, here's one that made it inside that is a cornucopia of colour all to itself.

Ah, the apple cake! My
husband's favourite, though
I don't make it
maybe every 5 years! I
am not big on baked fruit
desserts, but this...cake,
and grated lemon zest
accenting the middle filling
full of raisins and walnuts.

Here's how I cut a layer in
half: score the outside with
a knife exactly at the middle,
then pull a piece of dental
floss though the cake.
Perfection! Cutting layers
with a knife always results
in an uneven cake in my

The final product. I admit
I served my own piece
with some Purely Decadent
cookie dough ice cream that
happened to be on sale.
The Apple Layer Cake recipe can be found in Lindsay Wagner and Ariane Spade's cookbook The High Road To Health. I sub regular flour for the pastry flour, regular and brown sugar for the date sugar, and cranberry apple cider for the apple juice.


Seitan Said Dance said...

The lunches you pack are always so cute! I love them.

I just learned the dental floss trick. My cakes still come out a bit crooked, but nothing like they did with the knife.

Vegiegail said...

OMG! That apple cake looks decadent! And how delicious it must have been served with Purely Decadent Cookie Dough ice cream! I posted a brownie photo today on my blog with that very same flavor! Please check it out. :)

Diana said...

Great idea these pizza wheels !!