Tuesday, October 6, 2009

slow-cooked bentos

Ryan's lunch: sesame
tofu; blanched spinach
w/toasted sesame seeds;
simmered shiitake
mushrooms; carrot slices;
soba noodles; mini squash

Of course Nate stood by on
a stool watching all of Ryan's
lunch preparations. He
wanted some for his snack
at preschool too (and some
for snacking on IMMEDIATELY!)
He adores mushrooms,
especially these slow-simmered

Nate's snack: mini squash
muffin; simmered shiitake
mushrooms; carrots slices;
blanched spinach; sesame

The mini muffins used up 2
small carnival squashes from
the farm, steamed and used
in my pumpkin muffin recipe here. The shiitake mushrooms recipe "Slow-Cooked Shiitake with Shoyu" comes from the cookbook Japanese Cooking. The "Sesame Tofu" is made from the cookbook The Accidental Vegan (not actually vegan, she uses honey in a few recipes) which I reviewed on VegPeople. VegPeople is my favourite vegan online forum.


Jen Treehugger said...

I love the little pandas peeking out of all that scrummy goodness.

Barefoot Books said...

I think we'll make those muffins this week. Yum!