Monday, October 12, 2009

Disney bentos

Score! Today was the grand opening of the new Disney Store at the mall. We got in line with the rest of the first 200 people at 10am. The boys were each given triple lollipop bouquets, and all 4 kids got free Mickey Mouse ears at the register. And guess what they had...
Yes! Disney bentos! I combed even the biggest Disney store in Florida and could not find them. Not even the employees there had any clue what I was talking about. But lo and behold they're at our local mall now for only $5.50 each! And better yet, this week all the lunch gear is on sale for 3 for $12!! Sooooo, if anyone does not have access to a Disney store and would like to trade bento shopping items with me, or if you have dough in your PayPal account, I would be happy to make another quick trip this week and pick some up. Or I may go back anyhow and pick up another for a giveaway.

Here are the boys outside the store with their lollipops...and AJ inside eating his with his Mickey ears on...

Nate was quite the sticky
mess by the time he got home!

Here is a closer look at each bento...

The Handy Manny bento
has a blue top and a yellow
base. Inside are two yellow
removable sub-sections.
There are no measurements
written on the bottom, but
the size of this bento is in
between the size of our most
widely used sizes, so without
doing the water displacement
trick, I'd guess it's about 350-
420ml, probably 400...about
right for the average 4 year
old. Definitely very boyish
with cool construction theme.

Forgive me for not being
up to date on the names
of all the girl Disney char-
acters...Maia just isn't old
enough yet! This princess
bento is the same size as
the one above. The top is
a pretty lilac colour, the
bottom pale green. I'm
sure Maia will get a lot of
use out of this in the future!
I just love this one, mostly
due to the lack of pink, LOL.
Maybe I'll use it first, or
I'll make a little snack for
Maia and I to share on
Nate's next field trip. It
also has nice sub-containers.

The other girly bento is
quite pink, but with a
tomboyish acorn shape,
and Peter Pan? Tink?
Goodness I'm horrible
with the princess flicks.
Somebody is sure to
set me straight!
Anyhow, this bento is
two tones of pink, and
has the coolest sub-
division inside...a larger
compartment under where
the graphic is, and a long
mini container under the
acorn cap. Very cute! If
I had to venture a guess,
I'd say this is a 450ml size.

The last bento is this tall
Toy Store theme. Inside
it is really a two-tier bento!
I was really excited to see
this when I opened it up,
but the top layer is kind of
difficult for a child to remove
carefully, so I think I may
save it for taller items that
require the added height
this box offers.
Regardless, I love this box
thanks to all the cool pics
of each character...Woody
and Buzz on the top, and
on the sides, Rex, an alien,
Slinky Dog, and Ham. All
of our kids are big Toy
Story fans. This box would
be useful for more than
just food as well.

Ryan chose a few other
Toy Story items: a 3-D
placemat and a rocket
shaped plate...
I'm surprised there were
no Mickey bentos. How
I'd love some of the other
older characters. I've seen
some listed on eBay over-
seas, but this gives me hope
that maybe bentos are catch-
ing on enough in the U.S.
that we'll get cool stuff too!


River (Wing-It Vegan) said...

Score!! They are so cute! My favorite one is the Toy Story one with the little piggy on the side. Too cute!

Diana said...

I understand the excitement of the whole family ;-)

Barefoot Books said...

I want to go back and get the bento's. I hope they have them in another week or so.

malm said...

I'm SO jealous! I'm a major disney freak but we don't have disney store in Montreal :-( I will have to wait till my next vacations ;-) Where I am planning a nice stop a disney store on our way to Cape Cod! I just have to tell DH now LOL