Saturday, October 31, 2009

trick or treat

PUMPKIN SEEDS!!!!!! One of my most favouritest things about this season!!

A relaxed day of autumn
goodness, with roasted
veggies: purple potatoes,
sweet potatoes, butternut
squash, carrots, parsnips
& turnips.

Maia wore her harvest
dress, and Ryan played
some of his funky toys
from his school party.

It was soooo windy we decided not to try lighting the jack o' lanterns. Maybe tomorrow night...before I break them down and cook them up to save for winter recipes!!

And now for the Halloween costumes...Pikmin!

AJ sure had quite the stash before we removed all the non-vegan candies! We sent most of it away with grandma to do with it as she pleased. But the kids still had ample treats to stuff themselves silly with before bedtime. Maia tried her first raisins and Annie's fruit snacks. I did not expect her to participate in the trick-or-treating, but she wanted to go right up to people's doors and pick something to put in her pumpkin bag, just like her brothers. Too cute.

Vegan Mofo III is now complete! See you next year! Or hopefully tomorrow...


Kumudha said...

Your kids are so cute!

Anonymous said...

I've never used pumpkin much in recipes so I would love to hear what you do with them!