Saturday, October 24, 2009

review: Verrill Farm

Verrill Farm, Concord, MA

Concord, MA--home to the
Concord Grape--is a lovely
rural suburb that I should
really spend more time
getting to know. Despite
lacking farmer's markets
and CSAs, the area has a
lot of outdoor activities and
local farmstands. While my
husband and older boys
had been here before, this
was my first trip. The 3
year old class at our kids'
preschool always visits
in the fall.

The pumpkin harvest
has been poor all over
New England this year,
so pumpkins were
brought in from else-
where to appease the Halloween jack-o'-lantern seekers. But there was still lots of other fresh local produce to be had.

The farm's large store and
cafe, recently rebuilt after
a fire a couple of years ago,
is bright and welcoming.
There is lots of produce
for sale, along with plenty
of fresh bread, flowers,

packaged foods, deli
items, and bakery items
baked on the premises.

I liked their cute hummus
and raw veggie to-go
containers. And I was
tempted to buy little
dark chocolate turkeys for the boys.

There is a seating area
inside, and lots of parking
all around the main
building. While we were
there for a field trip, that
is not something they
normally do (one of the
teachers happens to be
friends with the farmer,
lucky us!). But everyone
there seemed very friendly
and eager to please. Since
there were no pumpkins
to be picked, we took a
hay ride out to the fields
and the kids all picked
carrots and brussels
sprouts. Afterwards they brought out apple cider and cookies (we'd brought along some vegan cookies though).

I definitely want to go back and browse some more. I was impressed by their offering of local cookbooks and book-signings by local authors. They also offer catering, and cooking classes for both adults and children. It's great to see local places like this thriving. I think the morning coffee and good location gets people coming in, but they've really got a lot to offer...something for everyone.

Verrill Farm is located at 11 Wheeler Road in Concord, MA, at the corner of Wheeler & Sudbury Road, just north of the intersection with route 117 (Fitchburg Turnpike). 978-369-4494 They are open daily from 9am-7pm (except for a 5pm closing time on sundays during Jan., Feb, & Mar.).

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