Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patty's Day

Ryan's lunch: oatmeal date scone; steamed broccoli; brown rice edamame salad; more edamame; shamrock sugar cookies.

I may not be very Irish, but
my husband's family sure is.
Add that to the fact that we
live near Boston, and you HAVE
to like St. Patrick's Day here.
Ryan wore his Celtics hat and
a green shirt to school.

I packed Ryan an extra
cookie for his afternoon
snack just in case his
class did something special.
He politely refused the
Lucky Charms marshmallow
bars that a teacher had
brought. But apparently all
of his friends sitting at his
table had also brought cookies of various sorts, so it was a good call. Usually their snacktime is very brief--enough time for a few crackers or a fruit roll--so it's not something I usually photograph.

AJ's snack: edamame;
steamed broccoli; a pickle;
oatmeal date scone; a
small shamrock cookie;
sesame pretzel sticks.

Dada was parent helper
in Nate's class today.
Part of the snack included
shamrock cookies of course!

Nate's lunch: steamed
broccoli; edamame;
shamrock pita sandwich
with Tofutti cream cheese
& cucumber; pickles; sesame
pretzel sticks.

Maia's first St. Patty's Day!


Anonymous said...

It's green-tastic! So cute. For your containers, it looks like you use those silicone cupcake wrappers. What a genius idea!

Erin said...

Super cute green foods!