Friday, March 27, 2009

Bottom of the Barrel

This is lunch-packing on a day when I really needed to go grocery shopping! The fruit bowl was empty & we were completely out of bread.

Ryan's lunch: mini gel cup; baby carrots; mashed potatoes; steamed broccoli; almonds; mixed fruit cup. Side car of biscuit w/grape jelly.

There was one (smushed) gel
cup left in the fridge, 1/2 a bag
of potatoes, and a leftover fruit
cup from a trip a few months
ago. I felt like Rimmer on Red
Dwarf in the episode "Marooned"
listing off the edible supplies left.

I had bought this Heart Smart
Bisquick a while back when I
saw it at the supermarket,
figuring it might be worth
experimenting with some day. What better occasion that when I'm pressed for time with no food in the cabinets!? I made 10 biscuits and spread one with Earth Balance & grape jelly (all we had left) for Ryan's lunch. The boys thought they were great. I've always been reluctant to buy Bisquick because I don't buy products with hydrogenated oils except on very special occasions, so their new Heart Smart version looked great. I just mixed it with some almond milk, kneaded it momentarily on a floured cutting board, pressed it flat & cut out circles to bake. Ten minutes later, voila, biscuits. Not bad.


Anonymous said...

We were having the same week. We had just a few grapes left and a few strawberries, just enough to make two small fruit salads. The box of Mary's Gone Crackers had only a few broken crackers left in it and there was only one slice of bread in the bag. I took the broken crackers and dh took the bread slice. He got the leftover spaghetti w/marinara and I got the very last of the leftover bean soup. This kind of thing ends up happening to me about once a month. It's amazing how resourceful we can be when the kitchen cabinets and refrigerator need replenished!

veganf said...

Seriously, I love the challenge. I feel like I'm on that new show Chopped, LOL.

River (Wing-It Vegan) said...

Way to improvise a great lunch! I love the little utensils!