Monday, March 16, 2009

Dustox, Pokemon #269

Ryan's lunch: brown rice w/ Pokemon soy paper; Dustox made from cucumber, red bell pepper, purple cabbage, yellow apple; Pokeball made from gala apple & an olive slice; Pokemon pasta shapes; steamed broccoli; sesame tofu.

Dustox, a bug/poison Pokemon, is the final evolutionary stage of Wurmple and Cascoon. They live in forests and their wings contain a highly poisonous dust.

AJ's snack: apple slice;
broccoli; sesame tofu;
wheat flax crackers w/
Tofutti cream cheese;
baby carrots.

My husband set his lunch
up himself to be photographed,
LOL, hence the smiley face
presentation...2 oranges; a
Thermos of brown rice topped
with leftover fajita filling from
the weekend; a banana.

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