Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I win!

I can't believe it! My twisted lunch won 1st Place out of 15 entries in Jewelmaker's bento contest! Woohoo!!! Check it out!

In honor of the occasion, I made all of the boys a vegan make-your-own pizza bento. It is Jewelmaker's son CDC's most requested lunch...
Ryan's lunch: smoked almond crackers; golden round crackers; mini whole wheat pita bread; rounds of veggie pepperoni, soy cheese & rice cheese; steamed broccoli; marinated mushrooms; sliced black olives; a container of red sauce.

AJ and Nate both had
smaller versions of
the same pizza bento.
AJ didn't want mushrooms
this morning though, and
neither boy could have
the smoked almond crackers
due to their preschool
being completely nut-free.

Thanks for the great idea
Jewelmaker! I'm looking
forward to posting many pics of lunch in my prize bento!


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Congrats on winning!