Monday, March 9, 2009

Knock On Wood

Sigh. Of course I had to go and jinx the weather yesterday by talking about sunshine, hikes, and playing in the woods. Now look what we get... poor daffodils...

Compound the snowy,
slushy weather with the
time change, and I had
to bag my artistic bento
plans and go with quick
and easy...we're talkin'
5 minutes max...

AJ's snack: snap pea
crisps; leftover zucchini
brownie; Tofutti cream
cheese & jelly sandwich
on a burger bun; baby
He has decided he doesn't
like the snap pea crisps
now, so those came back
uneaten. Blargh.
Ryan's lunch: strawberries; baby carrots; Tofutti cream cheese & jelly sandwich on a burger bun made into a "clock" using edible ink markers & two slivers of strawberry; snap pea crisps; leftover zucchini brownie; peanuts. The clock reads 12:10pm, which is lunchtime for his class.


River (Wing-It Vegan) said...

Ugh, hang in there with the stupid weather! I love the burger bun clock!

Misty said...

The clock idea is adorable! I have to hide the snap pea crisps in our house. I bought some yesterday, and all four kids tried to get into them in the car before I even got them home to hide! LOL. My protests of "They're for your lunches!" didn't even phase them.

awb said...

oh my god, the clock is SO cute. i just came here from MDC 'cause we were talking about the mommy milk meetup, and your blog link was irresistible.

veganf said...

Thanks all...the clock idea was super fast and sort of lame doing it just with markers, but it ended up looking okay. Totally suitable for the week's theme of Losing an Hour!

Misty - The rest of the kids (and grownups) love those snap pea crisps too, but AJ has decided he doesn't anymore. I wish I could feel that way as they're so fattening!

Mama Bean - Thanks!
And I'll go check the FYT thread...