Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Gastly, Pokemon #092

Today's bento features the ghost/poison Pokemon called Gastly. After this initial stage it evolves into Haunter and eventually Gengar. Gastly are found in old buildings or cemeteries.

Ryan's Gastly lunch: grilled nutritional yeast chreese sandwich; rice cheese letters; soy cheese & tomato Pokeball; multigrain flax crackers; Gastly made of purple potato, purple cabbage, soy cheese & a bit of tomato for the mouth; steamed asparagus; meatless meatballs.

I wish I had the time to create more intricate bentos for Lost night, like Pikko at Adventures in Bentomaking! Her weekly Lost bentos make me eager for Maia to get past the baby stage so I can spend more time in the morning (or the night before) planning and prepping cool kyaraben and oekiben. Some day! Ever since visiting Oahu I've fantasized about making a really nifty Lost bento. Sigh. Maybe I'll have time to make something stunning for the series finale next year...waaahhh!

Speaking of Adventures In Bentomaking, there are still a few more days in March to enter to win a stainless steel bento from Life Without Plastic on her blog!


Anonymous said...

That pokemon looks great! How long did it take to make? (I imagine intricate charaben take forever to assemble)

Your son must have been showing that off at school and made the other kids jealous!

Also: What are the meatless meatballs made of? As an omnivore I'm curious. :-)

veganf said...

This kind of simple kyaraben didn't take me long at all, maybe 10 minutes. And yes, he does tend to show them off now to a few friends and teachers who are always interested.

The meatballs are soy-based. I usually buy the Nate's brand at Whole Foods or the Trader Joe's slightly cheaper imitation. I wish I had the time to make my own (which would be healthier and could be soy-free) but with 4 young kiddos my time is limited right now.

River (Wing-It Vegan) said...

Purple potato? I had to google that one, no idea they existed!

The little Gastly dude is SO awesome! Your kids must definitely have the best and most creative lunches in school!

veganf said...

Purple potatoes are pretty easy to find in these parts. But what I've never been able to get my hands on here are okinawan sweet potatoes that turn a really deep purple when cooked. You can get them in Hawaii though...which of course would have been fine when I was there, but I couldn't have gotten them back through customs. Sigh. I'll have to search for them a little harder when the kids are a bit bigger...I bet some grocer in Boston chinatown has some.