Thursday, March 19, 2009

cheap cheap

Nope, it's not spring yet! But many bento contests are popping up around the web, including mine that I posted over the weekend.

To celebrate Mardi Gras as well as her upcoming 200th bento, Not Exactly Bento is giving away a green Natural Lunch set (as sold at Ichiban Kan). You don't have to make anything for this contest, just comment to win!

Over at the Lunch In A Box forums, this month's contest is "Cost: How Low Can You Go?". The prize, donated by member LauraBento is an adorable bunny picnic bento!

Here's my entry for the Cost contest:
Ryan's lunch: cucumber slices embellished with a bit of purple cabbage; apple slices; rice & beans.

AJ & Nate's food:
baby carrot; cucumber
slices; rice & beans;
sliced black olives;
apple slice for AJ &
dried apricots for Nate.

Yesterday I only had to
pack a snack for AJ. The
left school before lunch to
visit their cousins for the

AJ's snack: sesame
pretzels; soy cheese
cubes; baby carrot;
mini banana blueberry muffin; cucumber slices.

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