Monday, March 23, 2009

Kids Meals

Ryan sometimes tells me about food served in the school cafeteria. The one "meal" he has been asking me to serve is "Super Nachos". So I am going to try to occasionally imitate some of the nacho toppings for him to have at school. He absolutely loved this one today...

Ryan's lunch: white & blue corn Green Mountain Gringo tortilla strips; soy crumbles; salsa; guacamole; my chili chreez sauce (minus the cornstarch so it's better for dipping); baby carrots; strawberries.

And of course when AJ
saw Ryan's lunch he
just had to have the
same thing for his snack!

Spring is here, so we had
lunch at the picnic table
yesterday: sesame tofu;
orange slices; steamed
broccoli; cucumber slices;
whole wheat english muffin.

And I was so involved in yard work that I just threw together a muffin tin dinner for the boys:
row 1 - cucumber slices; Tings; blue corn tortilla strips; meatless meatballs.
row 2 - blueberry waffle wedges; strawberries; S'mores Luna bar pieces; banana slices.
row 3 - green beans; almonds; carrots & celery sticks; vegetable crackers.

This evening's dinner:
peas; a carrot; blanched
mixed greens; orange
slices; pasta shells &
chreez sauce.


Anonymous said...

Those carrots are so cute. Do they come from your own garden?

River (Wing-It Vegan) said...

You are so cool for making Ryan his super nachos like they serve at school! Well, way better than what they serve at school I bet.

I love the muffin tin dinner! Look at all those tiny hands digging in!

veganf said...

jrsimon56 - The carrots are just our store brand organic baby carrots. Stop & Shop has its own organic line called Nature's Promise. It's a affordable alternative during the winter/early spring months when we no longer have produce from our local CSA.

River - You're right, definitely better than school's! There are no vegan offerings at school unless you want to pay to have your kid make himself a PB&J with a side of fruit or veg.
However, I have noticed an improvement when glancing at the lunchroom menu each month. The beginning of the year was awful, but recently all the breads & pastas have been changed to whole wheat, and there are a few more vegetables offered besides iceberg lettuce, baby carrots & tomato sauce. :-)~