Sunday, March 1, 2009

Restaurant Review: Papa Gino's

Papa Gino's, Sudbury, MA

The boys' preschool was
having a fund raiser night
at Papa Gino's. The
restaurant donated 20%
of sales to the preschool!
So of course we made an
effort with 2 large orders
of fries and a large pizza
(no cheese) with broccoli,
mushrooms & black olives.

I hadn't eaten at a Papa
Gino's in a long time. The
crust was much better than
I remembered; in fact I'll vote it
the second best crust in the
MetroWest area that I've had
so far, though I still have
many more places to try.

The prices were very reason-
able, the restaurant was clean
and comfortable. My 2
complaints would be that the broccoli on the pizza was obviously raw when topped since it was still crunchy, and the ketchup for the fries was only available in those obnoxious individual packets.

Papa Gino's is a New England family pizza restaurant with a decent ingredient list online.

This Papa Gino's is located at 104 Boston Post Road (rt. 20), Sudbury, MA. You can order online or by calling 978-443-7136. There is plenty of parking.

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