Friday, May 29, 2009

Month of Me: Post 4

This final installment of "me" posts will answer the riddle of the name of the blog. But there won't be any pics, because I'm away from home at the moment! Sorry!

But first...My
Favourite colour: Blue

Favourite author: C.J. Cherryh

Favourite music group of all time: Depeche Mode

Some things I'm bad at:
politics, religion, money, swimming properly, and anything motion sickness-inducing!

Some things I'm good at:
memory tasks (especially spelling), cooking, languages, downhill skiing, gardening.

Favourite foods: tomatoes, pizza, pasta, spinach, chocolate cake.

Favourite destinations (so far): Great Barrier Reef, Bermuda, Sydney, Mesa Verde (CO), Paris.

Scared of: deep water/drowning, overdue bills, fast spiders, telemarketers, U.S. healthcare system.

And finally...the boring story...
Disposable Aardvarks Inc was created in high school with my best friend. He and I were/are big creative writers and partners in crime, (I'll have to scan the mural I made for us if I can find it when I return home). Anyhow...lots of bizarre philosophical banter about cherries, clouds, cucumber sandwiches and the nature of the universe...some fiction and poetry.
After transferring to Syracuse University (and getting Douglas Adams' and Carl Sagan's autographs before their premature deaths), I took my first computer writing workshop where everything was discussed via email (which at the time was Eudora and a relatively new technology to everyone back in the early '90s). A classmate and I who were already quite computer literate (hence my FBI record, oy, but hey I was still a minor so it doesn't count right?!) started spamming people with offers to buy llamas and aardvarks...very unique llamas and aardvarks...such as "Ukranian fluffy vending machine repair aardvarks with toothpick attachments" for only $34,000.00. You get the idea. Total nonsense to fill up people's inboxes and drive them batty.
This exquisitely exhausting list resurfaced when I was a nanny...middle child was an intelligent computer savvy 10 year old who even papier mached an aardvark/armadillo for me and made clay figures for them so we could have pint-sized jousting competitions.
At that point, anything creative I did earned the Disposable Aardvarks title. I used it for senior titles on online forums, created dummy junk-email accounts under the alias, and stamped various permutations of it on giftable cooking creations.
So when Blogger asked me for a title for this blog that I started on a whim (still unsure of what exactly I'd be posting about), it seemed the logical illogical choice.

That's really all there is to it. I fully intended to start another more serious blog with a more mundane proper name, but decided since I don't take it all that seriously myself, I didn't want to encourage others to either.
TTFN...see you back home on tuesday!


Eroteme said...

Finally! I was really hoping for a tale of the Jungle Book kinds, but then hey! the world's a jungle. ;-)
Would love to read your creative writing output, too.

Anonymous said...

So fun to know where ya got the name. It makes good sense :)

Tyler said...

Love hearing the origin of your blog name. btw, I went to Syracuse too! When were you there? I graduated in '94. I would write a book on all things orange, but don't think that this is the place for it!