Thursday, May 7, 2009

Silly Hats

It was
and I
I'd never
for her
the past
3 years
of school.
So this
time I
tiramisu cupcakes from VCTOTW, taking the liberty to add some chocolate sauce between layers, and omitting the crunchy coffee bean on the top. I liked being able to give her something she didn't have to share with the kids!
FYI, if you ever make these, take the time to sit down, alone (or at least without the kids), and really enjoy them. It reminds me of our favourite Italian restaurant, Marino's, in N. Cambridge that unfortunately is now closed. My husband ALWAYS ordered their tiramisu.

I didn't give away a complete
dozen--I frosted this one up
for Nate for his class' cupcake

Then I presented his teacher
with her own cupcakes, with
instructions not to eat them
around children--which as a
former preschool teacher
myself I know is easier said
than done! You wouldn't want
to have this happen! But
these cupcakes are not for
kids, with vanilla cake
drenched in coffee and
Kahlua, and enough sugar
(and fat probably) to
necessitate peeling your
child off the ceiling an
hour later..., that's not Photoshop
tai chi, just my husband
(& Nate) after "testing" one
of the alleged cupcakes.

And maybe Nate was
just excited about the
visit from a fire truck
at school for everyone
to "ride" in...if only I'd
thought that through...
I should have given his
lunch guy a firefighter hat!

Nate's lunch: poppyseed
& thyme crackers; steamed
broccoli; strawberries; an
olive; face sandwich.

AJ's snack: crackers; broccoli;
face sandwich...AJ has never
been a fan of berries sadly!
And at Ryan's school,
Day 4 of "Spirit Week"
was Silly Hat day. So
I lent him my ski hat
to wear, which worked
well with the cool, rainy

Ryan's lunch (below):
steamed broccoli; Tofurky &
lettuce face sandwiches w/
strawberry hats; baby

I was going to give each guy
a cool bunch of designs on
each hat, but I just didn't
have any more time!

Yesterday evening while
moving some big sitting
stones across the yard to
the new picnic spot, I
unearthed a perfect
visible ant colony (who
are now more than a
little pissed at me I'm
sure). Ryan enjoyed watching
them do their thing. I
think they're pretty cool
too--after all I won first prize
in the science fair in 5th grade for my project about ants. I'm sure my parents were glad I did too, after squashing half my project when they ate their way out one night and colonized half the kitchen.I think I prefer this outdoor observation method...though I'm sure our pest control service would like the opportunity to run up our bill.


Tyler said...

The cupcakes look AWESOME! Kahlua and coffee? Crumbled coffee bean? I want to teach your son's class next year. For them there amazing cupcakes.

Susan Yuen said...

The bentos are so cute! And I love your ant story, too funny. :)