Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Like I Need An Excuse For A Cupcake

I just HAD to make some carrot cake cupcakes of AJ's friends has a birthday in his class tomorrow and is bringing carrot cupcakes. Bummer! I guess we'll all just suffer through the batch! LOL.
Starting backwards with food
today...dinner was baguette
slices with scallion spinach
hummus (My Hummus recipe
+ 2 extra scallions and about
2 cups raw spinach), along with
whole wheat pasta & tempeh
with a vodka sauce (which
I forgot to take a pic of, so that'll
have to wait until another time!).
Ryan's lunch: pink rice heart; purple grapes; steamed broccoli; cherry raisins; snap pea crisps; a strawberry; cashews. I added a few heart-shaped saltine crackers on top of the snap pea crisps before packing this up, but after taking photos.

AJ's snack: purple
grapes; pink rice
heart; steamed broccoli.

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