Sunday, May 3, 2009

Month of Me, Post 1

So I said I'd be posting some stuff about myself for the month of May. I'll try not to bore you all!
I just removed the Pac-Xon element from the bottom of my blog'll have to forgive me, the boys like playing it as much as I do so I loaded it on for a week (because it plays better that way than online for some reason), hence the cheesy music the past week...though all you had to do was press 'play' and the music went away...but I didn't tell you that. Ha ha.

I suppose the first thing I
should start with is the
whole vegan thing...

I was mostly vegetarian by
age 13, but I went vegan
pretty much overnight at
age 19 after reading the book
Pregnancy, Children and the
Vegan Diet
, by Michael Klaper, M.D. So it's been a long time...I've turned 25, many many times now.
My favourite vegan online community is VegPeople, though there are many other good ones. I just prefer the level of maturity, respect and closeness there.

Interestingly, I own few recent vegan cookbooks. Probably not more than a dozen at all. I have tons on my wishlist, but since I'm always coming up with my own recipes, I always seem to find something better to spend my Amazon money on!
I do own hundreds of other cookbooks. I frequently turn to them for inspiration for a meal, veganize the heck out of them, and often forget to write down what I did. Duh.

I also have quite a few bento cookbooks on my wishlist. But I have so much fun coming up with my own ideas and browsing Japanese websites, Flickr groups, and bento blogs for ideas that there's probably not much point. I do have a new tradition of making myself a Snapfish book of the year's bentos every January. The kids absolutely love looking through it at their past bentos.

Now for something about a list of my favourite films...but I won't include any Star Trek, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Terminator, Indiana Jones, or even Ocean's 11 or 12 (let's face it, 13 wasn't so good)...because then that would be the whole list--done. Oh, and all the Harry Potters of course. And Monty Python. Or any anime/manga (do you really need to hear me quote Ren & Stimpy or drivel about Princess Mononoke?)....

#1 - Life Is Beautiful (you must watch it in Italian with the subtitles though!)
#2 - Chocolat (2000)
#3 - Henry V (1989, Branagh)
- Contact
- Garbage Warrior
- Peter's Friends
- Armageddon (1998)
- Deep Impact
- The Birdcage
- The Business of Being Born
- Shawshank Redemption
- Sicko
- Fifth Element
- Real Genius
- Supersize Me
- Club Paradise
- A Knight's Tale
- Much Ado About Nothing (1993, Branagh)
- Flatliners
- A Lion In Winter (1968)
- Wargames
- The Princess Bride
- Romeo & Juliet (1968, Whiting)
- 2001 & 2010
- Dante's Peak
- Willow
- Outbreak
- Parenthood
- First Knight
- Mission to Mars
Oh's clear I've watched too many movies...

How about fave tv series of all time (not including any cooking shows of course)...
#1 - Red Dwarf
#2 - Star Trek anything (but my fave is Voyager)
#3 - Lost
#4 - Firefly
#5 - Survivor
#6 - Six Feet Under
#7 - Big Love
#8 - The Upside Down Show
#9 - 24
#10 - Three's Company


kymber said...

i am very much looking forward to may's posts and learning more about you - i don't comment often but i am always here lurking...i check your blog at least twice a week and love it!

and as i mentioned a while back in a comment - i am not vegan, i don't make bento boxes, i don't even have kids for pete's sake...but i still love your blog just the same. thanks for always bringing a smile to my face...and that's a really beautiful smile that you have!

Eroteme said...

That is a very nice picture of you, I must say. Seems to carry the flavour of this blog (the smile, the freshness, etc.) or conversely! And May is the month when the mystery will be resolved. Hope this is prelude to that post...
I agree with the pointlessness in spending on recipe books. I am sure none could match your creativity though a rare few might be able to give you some ideas.
I did like Shawshank Redemption from your list. ~30 movies in 25 years on earth is not all that bad ;-)

Erin said...

It's fun to learn a little bit about you! Nice movie list.

veganf said...

You're all too kind!
Kymber, you crack me up. I'm sure you'll have much to say when/if you have kids someday!
And yes, Eroteme, THAT post will be the finale. mwahahaha!
Now if only I looked that good every day...most of the time I have to pull my hair back or the kids will grab it, pull it, eat it, or try to put stuff like peanut butter or dandelion fluff in it. Blehh
I keep thinking of more stupid movies I love, but then I figure they're not important enough to add, like Teachers or Romancing The Stone...or documentaries like Inconvenient Truth that are great but weren't earth-shattering for me.