Monday, May 4, 2009

Wacky Hair Day

For once I didn't recycle the school cafeteria menu immediately upon its arrival home in Ryan's backpack on friday. I decided to check out the month's choices and do a few healthier similar meals. Two options on the menu today were chicken patties and veggie sticks...
Ryan's lunch: steamed asparagus; carrot sticks; cucumber wedges; yellow bell pepper strips; snap peas; chicken-free pattie w/ketchup on wheat bun.

AJ's snack: 1/2 a
chicken-free pattie
w/ketchup on wheat
bun; cucumber wedge;
carrot sticks; steamed
asparagus; chocolate

This week is Spirit Week
at Ryan's elementary school.
Monday's theme is Wacky
Hair. So Ryan wanted his
hair sticking out in a circular
pattern around his head.
Funny, because when he
arrived at school the other
Ryan in his class had the same
hairdo done with gel.

I used the excuse to play with
Maia's hair too. Here she is
sporting a piggie tail on top.


There are a few giveaways
I want to give everyone the
heads-up about...

The Kiwi Bento blog is giving away a lovely white clover bento--and yes, she'll ship internationally! Check it out! You have the entire month of May to enter to win.

Another I noticed was in the April edition of Vegetarian Times magazine (sorry, a bit late, I don't have lots of free reading time!). They are hosting a giveaway of all 5 cookbooks from their 2009 Dining Out regional winners (restaurant cookbooks of readers' favourite veg restaurants in the U.S.). Enter here for a chance to win!

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