Monday, May 18, 2009

Maia Monday

Ryan's lunch: vanilla almond Luna Sunrise bar; 6 layer bean dip; olive tortilla chips.

AJ's snack: veggie
booty; raisins; baby
carrots; olive tortilla

The boys spent much of the
weekend writing books, and
AJ drew probably a dozen
pictures of Pac Man, Pac Man
Plus, Super Pac Man, Pac &
Pal, Ms. Pac Man, & Pac-Xon.
Maybe they've been playing
a few too many 80's video
games lately!

Ryan also made a cool new
game. It had ladders, a hook
on a string that caught a ball
made from tape, and various
moving pieces. Pretty neat.

muffin tin meal...Tier 1: chocolate bunny grahams; spoons of peanut butter; veggie booty; pear slices...Tier 2: edamame; pickles, cucumber slices, carrots; banana pieces; pretzel sticks...Tier 3: english muffin quarters; berry rice crispy bars; steamed broccoli; flax crackers w/Tofutti cream cheese.

baby parts...


Susan Yuen said...

What a great idea with the muffin pan! So fun! :)

Eroteme said...

I am finding it hard to decide which ones are better the pictures of the food or Miai! :-D I think the kid wins!!
I simply love your muffin tin meal. Touch wood, I hope you never run out of ideas! :-)