Tuesday, May 5, 2009

school colors

Day 2 of school Spirit Week for Ryan is Red & White Day. I made an effort today because I didn't realize just how much of a big deal this is at his elementary school--apparently one of Ryan's friends in his kindergarten class WON A LAPTOP yesterday for wackiest hair!!?!!?! Whoa. In the immortal words of Ming-Ming ducking, This.Is.Sewious.

So I ditched my Cinco de Mayo bento plans, and went with Red & White...but it's also National Chocolate pudding day, which I couldn't resist. Not nutritionally balanced, but not gonna hurt anybody either...Ryan's lunch: chocolate striped ZenSoy pudding; strawberry & banana skewers; red bell pepper strips; white soy cheese cubes; apple slices (checkerboard & "Spirit" patterns).

Here's Ryan on the
way to school.

No bento for AJ today.
His preschool class had
a fieldtrip to the Concord
Youth Theatre
, so I just
tucked a juice box &
pretzels in his jacket

Nate's lunch: strawberries;
apple "bunny"; soy cheese
cubes; meatless meatballs;
baby carrot; cucumber

And Maia tried some water
in a sippy cup for the first
time. She thought it was
great fun, but very little
actually went in her mouth.

I replaced any bad plastic
sippy cups in our house a
few years ago with BPA-free
ones like this Foogo.

To help decide about safe
sippy cups, read the reviews at Zrecs.


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