Monday, May 11, 2009

Month of Me, Post 2

Let me explain the past 3 days in 3 phrases: Mother's Day, kid-puke, Star Trek. Understand my absence? Good.

Now, I am also without current pics from the past 3 days due to camera download crappiness--though I have them in a backup location, I am having trouble uploading them from there to Blogger, so bear with me. Today's lunch pic may appear later in the week...or not.

My subject for today doesn't need any current pics though. Instead of talking about motherhood (or kid-puke...or even Star Trek, about which I could dedicate another blog entirely), I'm gonna talk about another fave of mine:

Hello Kitty!

I have been collecting Hello
Kitty since I was 4 years old.
Let's just say that's ALMOST
since the beginning...Hello
Kitty and I are similar in age.

As you've probably noticed,
Hello Kitty is in my avatar with
me. That was taken in Puroland
(in Tama, a suburb outside Tokyo),
the Sanrio theme park.

There's was lots for a Sanrio
geek to do in Tokyo, and we
visited the Pokemon center,
public parks (it was just the
beginning of cherry blossom
season), kabuki theatre...but
really I just relished nabbing
Hello Kitty items en masse; I
had to check an entire second bag for the flight home!

Eating vegan in Japan is a
little tricky at time, especially
when my Japanese is limited
to a couple dozen words. Lots
and lots of onigiri, fresh fruit
kabobs, soba, cold tofu,
grilled mushrooms, edamame,
and sake of course.

At sushi bars in late winter I ordered kappa maki, inari, and tea. I did find a random health food store with soy milk, and rice crackers are everywhere. And the grocery store I frequented carried Trader Joe's items (translated into Japanese on the side)!

Next time I will follow the recommendations on Just Hungry for vegan travelers.
Though thank goodness I'm done having kids as far as I know, so I won't be having any babies at the Hello Kitty maternity ward!

Some of my favourite
collectibles are my set
of Hello Kitty drawers
from the late 70's, which
hold many of my tiniest
items. And my Hello
Kitty birthday mug from
Yokohama. Though a good
deal of my stash came from Bloomingdales in NYC of all places.

Anybody else collect kawaii/cute items? Do you have a favourite character? Where do shop?

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