Friday, May 8, 2009

Pajama Day

Day 5 of school Spirit Week is Pajama Day. I found it unacceptable that the school principal was NOT directing drop-off traffic in pjs and bunny rude! Anyhow...what better food is there for a pajama party than pizza! We ordered pizzas from Gianni's last night and had a few slices leftover. So I cut one down to bento size...Ryan's lunch, top tier: leftover spinach, mushroom, black olive pizza; snap peas...bottom tier: vegetable potato chips; orange slices; carrots; meatless meatballs.

Ryan wore his winter
animal pajamas. The
5th grader next door
was flaunting big dog
slippers. There were
lots of plaid flannel
pants seen lining up
for school this morning.

Nate has followed his brothers'
lead and has started picking me
flowers. AJ already picks me
dozens of dandelions daily, while
Ryan has made it his job to spread
dandelion fluff everywhere he can
via a new Dandelion Tag game he's

I'm sure our other neighbor
must watch from inside
hyperventilating that one of
the dandelions will seed itself
in his all-green dandelion-free

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