Monday, June 1, 2009

Back from a Break

Hi all! I was on hiatus without ability to download my photos.
Despite being on vacation, I didn't let the week pass without at least one set of bentos...

Ryan's lunchNate & AJ's lunches

I did not bring any supplies with me. I made do with whatever I could find at the local Publix supermarket...though I did know the house we were staying in had the Pooh bentos since we'd rented it before.

I also made a great dinner for the plane on the way down to Florida, but I ran out of time to photograph before leaving the house, and wouldn't you know that my camera was buried in an overhead bin and I had a baby asleep in my lap when it was time to break out the food.
But there were some great kimchee dumplings, cucumber salad, spinach, sandwiches, chocolate covered rice cakes, smoked almonds, etc.

The trip back wasn't as fancy, utilizing whatever groceries I had left. We ate a simple bean salad with tortilla chips though...quite yummy!

I'll be tacking on vacation pics to the ends of all my posts this week...


Anonymous said...

Nice photo! Did you enjoy your vacation?

veganf said...

Yes, I really enjoyed being able to swim every day, multiple times a day.
But it's amazing that with 4 other adults in the house, not a single person ever once offered to help me with food, dishes, laundry, etc.
But I did take just Ryan to Disney by myself one day which was a nice treat.