Friday, June 19, 2009

first last day of kindergarten

Last day of the school year for Ryan!
Ryan's last lunch of the schoolyear: rice & bean burrito; peas; strawberries; 2 slices homemade pizza; Lake Champlain dark chocolate w/almonds.

I didn't have a huge selection
of lunch food to choose from,
but he was psyched about the
pizza, burrito & chocolate to
be sure!

For his teachers, Ryan took
with him gifts of strawberry
pints that we picked from
the farm. I labeled them, and
Ryan made his own notes for them...

To celebrate the last day
of school, I made a big
strawberry rhubarb tart.
Right up my husband's
alley too!

AJ was very interested
in the pastry. For the
past few months he has
been telling everyone he
wants to be a baker when
he grows up!

AJ ate his ice cream first,
then picked up the tart
slice in his hands. Nate
watched him do this and
has dubbed this dish "ice
cream pizza"!

AJ has already gotten
quite the list of homework
to do over the summer for
his kindergarten class in
the fall. One of the assignments
is to "help someone make
dinner". He was eager to
get started, so I had him
help me make pizzas last
night. I forgot to take a pic
until they were half-eaten!
They were topped with soy
cheese, black & green olives,
onions, garlic, spinach,
mushrooms & fresh

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Misty said...

The tart looks great. We got rhubarb in our CSA box this week - I'm planning on making a strawberry-rhubarb pie this week.