Thursday, June 4, 2009

Florida Firsts

It was stuffed animal day in Ryan's class, so of course he brought his favourite "Giraffey".
Ryan's lunch: banana blueberry muffin; steamed broccoli; a pickle; strawberry & orange segments; roasted almonds; apple cinnamon mini rice cakes.Nate's lunch: banana blueberry muffin; a pickle; an olive; strawberry & orange segments; steamed broccoli.

Lots can happen during a week on vacation...

Maia took her first airplane trip.
Maia ate wheat and soy (in the form of soybean oil) for the first time...normally I wait til 1 year, but it was more convenient while traveling to allow it 6 weeks early.
Maia was away from me for 6+ hours straight.
Maia...drumroll please...went in the pool and LOVED it! (Maia HATES baths vehemently.)

Nate slept in a twin bed for the first time...and wouldn't you know it, in a house where each boy could have had their own ROOM, they all wanted to sleep together like they do at home, so we dragged a mattress into the "baseball room" for Nate.
Nate played mini golf for the first time.
Nate played pool for the first time.

AJ was the first kid I know of ever to refuse a trip to Disney his defense, his reasons made sense: "Disney World is too loud, and hot, and you have to walk a lot." Nate wasn't feeling well that day, so Dada stayed home and I took just Ryan!
AJ learned to play the game Topple, and taught our guests to play my "Ant Game".

Ryan learned to swim without assistance/floatation across the pool and put his head all the way under water repeatedly.
Ryan went on a water slide for the first time, by himself! (He JUST made the 4 foot height requirement, woo hoo!)
Ryan went on the first Dumbo ride of the day at Disney's Magic Kingdom.
Ryan stood in the longest line of his life and rode Big Thunder Mountain Railroad for the first time.
Ryan tried cotton candy for the first time.

Maia tries wheat--pancakes
by the pool for breakfast.

Nate in his bed...okay, on
top of and across his bed.

Maia crawling around the
house...or is she doing

AJ enjoys playing the
Ant Game...yes, we're
gonna actually publish
this game in the future.

Maia tries pizza for the
first time...thanks to Amy's
cheeseless pizza and Publix

Ryan, underwater.
Kinda freaky seeing
your kid like that at

The Windsor Hills water
slide...4 foot minimum and
you must be able to swim

Maia asleep on the plane.

A brief video of Ryan's
new swimming skills:

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