Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Spiderman & Bionicles

For April Fool's Day, Ryan wanted to have the same things his friends have whom he always says have "boring" lunches or "always throw their food away" or "just has junk". LOL. I was lucky enough to get this Spiderman sandwich box recently from someone who lives near a dollar store (amazingly the strip-mall-topia here doesn't have one). I have an extra one too for future blog candy in the next few months, so stay tuned!
Ryan's lunch: strawberry gel cup; chicken-free nuggets w/ketchup for dipping; 2 layers of pbj sandwich; steamed broccoli (I admit it, I just couldn't give my child a meal with no vegetables!).

AJ's snack: chicken-free
nuggets w/ketchup;
onion & flax pita chips;
steamed broccoli.

I definitely have boys.
Despite keeping my comic
books in the basement and
forbidding anything but
Pokemon on Cartoon Network,
Ryan still loves superheroes.
It's rubbing off on AJ as well.
They are obsessed with
building Lego Bionicles, always
saving their allowances for the
newest robotic creatures.

Ryan's top bunk is totally
decked out in Bionicles
scaling the footboard and
swinging from the light.

And AJ sleeps with them
in the bunk below, along-
side his Littlest Pet Shop

Of course Ryan still sleeps with his "Giraffey" too that he's had since he was 2 months old. Aww.

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