Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Ryan's lunch: 4-bean salad; snap peas; blue rice w/rice cheese Spongebob Squarepants...with embellishments of white soy cheese red bell pepper; nori pupils; bread crust "pants"; edible ink marker for the blue eyes and blushed cheeks & title.

So Ryan got stung by a wasp last night after dinner! You would've thought he'd been separated from an appendage with all the noise he made.
Ryan: (screaming) "I'm so ashamed!"
Dada: "Why are you ashamed?"
Ryan: (teary-eyed) "I don't know what it means!"

LOL. He never did come up with the right word. But a Nemo ice pack helped. And a bath with the new spider soap we got as a gift from a chicken pox visitor.

Sleep sucked last night. They're doing more water & sewer construction down the street, and they pile the dirt in the town land across the street from us. Apparently last night was one of their night shifts (it's a busy street, so big stuff often gets done third shift).
The lights and beeping, clanging dump trucks apparently woke up AJ. I heard the pitter patter of 5yo feet enter the room. He stopped and looked at the clock..."Only 1:50!" WAAAAHHHH!!!
So I sent Dada in to calm him down. Poor guy thought it was time to get up and was devasted to see it was still the middle of the night.

And a few leftover kid meal pics from the weekend and the past few days...

The boys have been
eating at their new
picnic table often.

Sometimes I have to
figure out acceptable
food for the neighbor
kids or friends too...
not always easy!

When we were out of
regular jam, I pulled
out some homemade
rhubarb jam my MIL
made for us, and some
vegan marshmallow
creme. Whew!

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