Wednesday, April 15, 2009

paying it forward

Today we hosted two
"pox playdates" in order
to pass chicken pox along
to other families who want
to gain natural immunity.
This is not uncommon,
especially in ethical vegetarian
families, since vaccines are
produced using many animal

Feeding the sickies:
honeydew melon;
grilled nutritional
yeast chreese sandwiches;
happy face potatoes
with ketchup.

And also in the spirit of
paying it forward in the
blogosphere--after In a
Garden Called Life's post
about my blog--here are
2 blogs I enjoy:
I don't have time to write entire entries just about them, but let me say that they blog about stuff that I would probably say about green living and environmentalism and parenting if I weren't so busy obsessing over pretty food, LOL.

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