Sunday, April 12, 2009

Got me

Thank you.
I can't remember when I have been so randomly and completely complimented for something so simple. After a week mulling it over I cannot think of an appropriately generous this thoughtful blog, with a post called "An Interesting Blog" devoted solely to my blog.
So, thank you. And again. (And thank you Google for your misguidance.)
It's so seldom that someone really "gets you". And this blogger got it.
Check out her blog. "In A Garden Called Life", is beautiful.

I feel obligated to respond to her rather mystified comments though...regarding my blog's title, LOL:"I am yet to understand the relevance of the blog title"...I hear ya...
So since next month is May, and it's the month containing mother's day, I have decided that I will divulge more about me, including the immature backstory to my blog's name, and anything else anyone chooses to ask me. So ask away until the month of May if you have any burning questions...otherwise I'll just bore you with the usual boring "why did I become vegan?", "what's my favourite film?" and "what dead people would I want to have dinner with."

Happy Easter! - Maia is 9 months old today!


River (Wing-It Vegan) said...

What a lovely tribute to your wonderful blog! It sure is nice when people "get you".

I can't wait to hear about the immature backstory to your blog's name! :-D

Maida said...

That's so touching! Sounds like she stumbled upon your blog much in the same way I did (and you made a loyal reader out of me)!

I'm curious about the blog name too and also about where you are from originally.

Eroteme said...

It sure is tickling-pleasant when someone randomly compliments you! But as many readers of your blog would agree, there wasn't a single word carried away on the wings of excessive generosity. You really have put in a lot of effort into your world (real and ... well, digital?). Looking forward to the blog title explanation, though I think you should throw up a post to all your readers to guess what it could be. That could be so much fun! The best guess wins a bento!! ;-)

BTW, it does amuse me when people think I am a woman.