Tuesday, April 14, 2009

in other news...

...I sent AJ to school with
just a Luna sunrise bar today,
and everyone else is home
sick, so no bentos...

...and I'm down to the very
last shallot from our winter
farm share...just used up the
garlic...so time for a shopping
trip to BJ's wholesale club I
think, sigh.

But check it out, the Obamas are going to plant an organic veggie garden at the White House! Apparently they'll be planting plenty of hot peppers because they like Mexican food best.


Anonymous said...

How are you storing your garlic and shallots so that they are lasting until April? Mine have never last that long.

veganf said...

Just in the basement stairwell...old stone basement. Dunno why they last so well, but only a few withered, most were good until spring (well, what was left!).

Anonymous said...

The old stone basement must be the difference. Not heated down there, is it? That may be my problem. Ours is heated, only to about 65 degrees F, but that may be just enough to be too warm for storage.

veganf said...

Yeah, ours is more like root cellar temperature throughout the winter.