Thursday, April 23, 2009

fit for the zoo

Ryan is off to the Franklin Park Zoo today with a friend from school. I've never been there, I'm not a zoo person, in fact I don't think I've been to a zoo since I was a kid at the Central Park Zoo in NYC, unless you count the small Stone Zoo in MA.
Ryan's lunch: Tofurky & lettuce rollup sandwich on flax lavash bread; purple grapes; a baby carrot; a strawberry; cucumber slices; a strawberry jelly cup on the side. I also tucked in some sparkly Spiderman stickers for him to share with his friend.

Maia & I will finish up the
delicious quartet of Trader
Joe's hummus brought by
one of our many visitors
during the kids' chicken
pox. I could not believe the
generosity some of the
mother's expressed in
thanking us for sharing
our germs! LOL

Neither the rain nor Nate's
chicken pox kept us from
doing a cleanup on Earth
Day yesterday. After Dada
got home from work, we
postponed dinner and filled
a trash bag along the rail
behind our house. We'll
do more later in the week
when the weather is better. It's sad how much trash gets dumped along these beautiful areas.

Incredibly, this garbage bag was filled by a 5 year old & a 6 year old within a few hundred feet. Ugh!


delilah s. dawson said...

So someone gave me a Kreativ blog award, and I gave one to you, since the HUZZAH award isn't real.


Rock on, vegan!


veganf said...

You're awesome D. I love you're blog. My husband and I still laugh about little thing s like your jewelry twigs' conversation. LOL.

Thank you so much. I will pass it on to 2 deserving bloggers asap!!