Monday, January 4, 2010

Welcome 2010!

May the new year bring you lots of opportunities to enjoy a bento meal wherever you may be!
Ryan's lunch: steamed broccoli; mini zucchini muffin; chocolate chip bunny cookies; baby carrots; gherkin pickles; black olives; chik'n salad; strawberries.

I only made one small
snack bento over the
holiday school break,
for a playdate that Ryan
had at a friend's house.

Just some pumpkin nut
bread, carrots, and meat-
less meatballs.

Despite the weather, we had many opportunities to get outside and hike...although hiking with the boys can be more like cross-country running, or snowboarding without the board, or snowball dodging snowy-tree-shaking see-who-can-get-there-first races.

New England is a great
place for exploring the
outdoors, an old building,
or a creepy graveyard.
But it can be colllldddd!
My kitchen is continuously
strewn with wet snowpants
and outdoor clothing,
enough for 6 people of
course. I need a separate
room with a big heater!

Eventually they do tire...
And stone walls are pretty
sturdy in the winter, the
large rocks frozen into
place. What better place
for a quick rest?


Anonymous said...

That door is so cool! Where is it?

veganf said...

I can show you sometime...only a few miles north of me, but not often noticed from the road as the door is in the rear.