Tuesday, January 19, 2010

"A" lunch

River over at The Crafty Kook has a new idea, or a sort of challenge, called Eating Around the World.

Well, I don't think I'm
up for it...at the moment
...though it sounds like a
lot of fun. Instead, I'm
going to warp her idea
into some bento fodder
for lunches. I'm going to
attempt to make a bento
for each letter of the

"A" lunch for Ryan: avocado half; dried apricots; apple slices; asparagus & sliced almond fried rice.

Speaking of A's, AJ & I visited the Wayside Inn over the weekend. It is the oldest operating inn in the United States, open since 1716.

AJ was impressed by the
schoolhouse that served
16 kids in grades 1-6, quite
different from the 600 kids
in AJ's school! Among the
children who attended the
Redstone School was Mary,
of Mary Had A Little Lamb
fame. The school was moved
from Sterling to Sudbury for preservation by Henry Ford.

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Happy Little Bento said...

Excellent idea! I think I would love to try it myself too!