Thursday, January 14, 2010

a great year already

Woohoo! Thanks to Jenn
at Bento for Kidlet for my
new blog award! What a
great way to start off the
new year. If you want to
see some nifty food
marker art, check out
her blog!

I hope no one minds that
I don't have time right
now to list 10 things about myself or pass along the award. Life is busy busy busy! But how cool is it to receive a blog award with cupcakes on it?!

In case you haven't noticed, I've been packing Ryan's lunches in tall slender bentos recently. His metal lunch box broke, and he's presently using one of my old soft lunch bags until we can afford him a new one. His regular single tier bentos don't fit without being tipped sideways, so I'm using only the longer variety bentos for now...
Ryan's lunch: vegetable gyoza; brown rice; steamed broccoli; fresh pineapple; cold tofu w/soy sauce; cantaloupe chunks.

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Kashmirkat said...

Yet another award for you - I keep finding all mine already have them :o

I've passed the Happy 101 award for you. Please come on by and pick it up!