Wednesday, January 27, 2010

"F"-ortless alphabet lunch

I knew right away what I'd make for "F" day strangely enough...I'd been craving fajita pitas myself...and I often eat bento prep leftovers for breakfast!
Ryan's "F" lunch: a
forelle pear on the side;
mini fajita pitas; french
fries (w/ketchup); a
Turkish fig.

I don't always get to
eat the leftovers
however...the boys
are often grabbing
some as a snack as
they're getting ready
to leave for school.
Ryan's newest idea to
earn money is to make
and sell paper snowflakes.
He's selling them for 10
cents each, or 20 cents
"delivered". Shipping is
free on orders of 5 or
more. LOL.

1 comment:

Happy Little Bento said...

Great job with the Fs! He's great at making snowflakes too; very nice work :)