Tuesday, January 12, 2010

party leftovers bento

Ryan certainly gets a good deal when AJ has a birthday...
Ryan's lunch: grapes & cantaloupe; chocolate cake; steamed broccoli; leftover pizza with spinach, mushrooms & black olives.

And here are a few more pictures of AJ's birthday yesterday evening...

Presents, and a big
chocolate cake with
vanilla frosting and

Maia really enjoyed
her cake. She's been
trying to use a fork
a lot recently. Here
she is using the same
exact fork that I have
a photo of myself
using to eat my cake
with when I turned 2.

But lucky Maia gets
chocolate thanks to
her big brother!

I must say chocolate
cake is my favourite
too. Some Trader's
Joe's cherry chocolate
chip soy ice cream
went nicely with this.

Here's my hunk o' cake...

And yes I did have
cake & pizza for
breakfast this


Unknown said...

Oh yumm! That looks amazing! Cake and pizza are the perfect breakfast :D

Happy Little Bento said...

Happy belated birthday! And, good foresight to save leftovers to enjoy for later!