Friday, January 15, 2010

still frozen friday

The temperature may have warmed up past zero, but the ponds in the area were still frozen and patchworked with ice fisherman. We went out across Dug Pond in Natick to Blueberry Island for a look blueberries to be found this time of year though!

In food news, I was gifted the Happy 101 award AGAIN! This time via Kashmirkat over at An American In Bento. Kewl!

Ryan's lunch: striped apple slices; avocado maki; peanuts; a dropper of soy sauce; dried apricots; cucumber slices; cold tofu.

I didn't think this
little box would
be big enough, but
Maia climbed right
in and Ryan pushed
her around. The box
contained an order
of vitamins--something
I don't worry too much about--but the kids do enjoy the Animal Parade multivitamins and calcium (which tastes like vanilla ice cream sundae).


hapabento said...

Hi, Your apple slice in this bento is inspired! Beautiful, yet fun at the same time! I'm going to check your recipes now. They sound yummy.

Maida said...

What brand of calcium do you give them? We have the rhino vegan calciums and they're yucky! Also, what brand of DHA? Thanks!!

veganf said...

We use Animal Parade chewable calcium for the kids. For me I use Deva brand on most things. I buy them online at Vegetarian Vitamin. The DHA is a liquid, also Deva brand, and I add it to smoothies for the kids, and sometimes mix it in a shotglass with oj for myself.

Maida said...

Thanks for the info. I usually order vitamins from vegan essentials. The liquid DHA they sell is grape flavored and I'd like to get a plain one. I take capsules myself, but I like to hide the liquid in smoothies for my kiddo. The grape kind gives it a funny smell. I'll check out that site you mentioned. Thanks!!

veganf said...

I also like chia seed oil for myself. Chia is as good if not better than flax IMO.