Friday, January 8, 2010

on empty

Bottom of the barrel here...really need to buy some groceries! Yesterday's bento...
Ryan's lunch: 1/2 sandwich of lettuce & Tofurky; baby carrots; apple cinnamon stuffed roll; potato faces; side of ketchup.

It's going to be a long
wait until September
for Maia. She tries to
get ready for preschool
with Nate and is
devastated each day
when she is not allowed
to go. If you even
mention preschool, she
runs to the kitchen to get shoes and a hat.


Unknown said...

Still looks good for being a bottom of the barrel lunch!

Poor Maia! It's hard when everyone else gets to go :D

Jenny said...

please elaborate on the potato faces! :)

veganf said...

Oh the potato faces are just frozen bagged shapes, nothing impressive, sorry! I'm sure you can find them at your local supermarket. I keep emergency supplies of a few packaged fun things like that for days when I'm really rushed or out of normal groceries.
I just toss them in the oven at a high temp for 10 mins, flip, another 5-10 minutes until lightly browned, then cool before placing in bento.

Jenny said...

oh, okay. i've never seen them before. thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully Maia will love preschool when she finally gets to go.