Friday, January 22, 2010

Fly away friday

I'm taking fridays off from alphabet bentos. By the end of the week I need groceries and it would likely be impossible to complete a one-letter lunch.

In lieu of AJ and I visiting the Mary Had A Little Lamb schoolhouse last weekend, here is a little lamb for both boys, inspired by Anna the Red.

Ryan's lunch: green leaf lettuce; rice ball w/Tofurky face & nori eye; cucumber flowers; Tofurky flower; purple grapes; steamed broccoli; bell pepper strips; blueberry soy yogurt on the side.

AJ and Dada also needed lunches. AJ is going on his first business trip to Atlanta for the weekend.

AJ's lunch (in a disposable recycled container): cucumber flowers; green leaf lettuce; Tofurky flower; rice ball w/Tofurky face & nori eyes; purple grapes; yellow bell pepper star; gherkin pickle; rice ball w/goma shio; tofu hot dog segment w/edamame; mini banana muffin; steamed broccoli.

Husband's lunch (in disposable recycled container): green leaf lettuce; rice triangle w/nori; bell pepper strips; salted radish slices; cucumber slices; Tofurky flower; rice ball w/goma shio; steamed broccoli; mini banana muffin; purple grapes; clementine on the side.

Of course I also had to pack AJ's suitcase full of food for the weekend. Atlants isn't exactly a mecca for vegan cuisine...
Travel food: pear cups; Rice Dream drink boxes; juice boxes; mini Luna bars & 1 full-size Luna bar; chocolate chip animal cookies; fruit twist; raisin & peanut mix; dried vegetable chips; mini bagels; berry applesauce; 2 Dum Dum lollipops; Corn Nuts; container of peanut butter.

Maia tried to pack Dada's
suitcase full of toys. And
she wouldn't stay out of
the little suitcase, sitting
there shuffling (and ruining)
a few of Dada's extra Magic
cards. Wouldn't the baggage
handlers be surprised to
find this little stowaway?


Happy Little Bento said...

Love your fluffy lamb! Have a great weekend!!

River - The Crafty Kook said...

*Squee!!!* That adorable rice lambie! Too cute! That would be one certain way to make me eat lamb! :-)

AnnaTheRed said...

Oh my goodness! Your lamb rice balls are absolutely adorable! Is it okay if I put your rice balls on "your food" page on my blog?

veganf said...

Anna - Sure, go ahead, thanks for asking! Always happy to do something for another bento maker. :-)

AnnaTheRed said...

I've just added your bento on "your food" page on my blog. Please check it out! Thanks!