Friday, August 21, 2009

Spiderman lunchset giveaway!

It's been quite a while since I've had a giveaway, so to help you get ready for the school year, here is a Spiderman lunch set! Finding girl themed bentos is easy, but if your boys don't like cars or bears you're often out of luck.

Here's the prize: a sandwich keeper, sparkly stickers, paper muffin cups, fork & spoon. The sandwich keeper did not come with outer packaging, and the fork & spoon were part of a multi-pack but have never been used.

- The plastic sandwich keeper fits a traditional sandwich perfectly, or it can be used as a bento to arrange foods neatly inside. The lid is not leak-proof, but it stays on well. If you want the image on the top to stay looking new, handwash.
- Stickers are a fun treat for kids. They can also be used to decorate a lunch note, or used with a toothpick to create a unique bento or cupcake decoration.
- Muffin or cupcake cups are handy to separate food items in a bento. Use paper ones to hold dry foods like nuts, dried fruit, grapes, mini pitas or shaped sandwiches, cookies or crackers, etc.
- A small fork & spoon set are easy to fit inside a lunchbox or furoshiki. Handwash or place in a small items basket in the top rack of a dishwasher if you must.

So here's the hoop...Answer one of the following questions in comments to be entered to win! That's it! (You will be required to provide a name & address for shipping purposes if you win.)

Question: What will you likely pack for your child's first lunch this school year?
(If you don't have kids in school, homeschool, if this is for an adult, for a gift, or if you just don't like the first question: What is your favourite sandwich?)

I will pick a winner on Thursday, Aug. 27th by random-boy-hat-#-generator, hahaha.


SL said...

I will probably make Theo a lunch of
* pb&j
*fruit of some kind
*green peas (in pod or out)
*something crunchy!

I can't believe it's time for school lunches already!

wheat goddess said...

Hi there...well Ben normally has lunch at school so I will answer about my favorite sandwich! I love a turkey sandwich with cheddar cheese, tiny slices of red onion, granny smith apple slices and cranberry mayo on some fresh bread, preferably oatmeal! :)

veganf said...

Cranberry mayo? Sounds interesting, do you make it yourself?

Unknown said...

Kidlet has requested a Bakugan bento for the first day of school. I know your boys like Pokemon, have they been brainwashed by Bakugans yet? It is the biggest craze amongst the soon to be 2nd and 3rd graders this year.

So I will be doing some sort of Bakugan character on cheese on Kidlet's favorite soy ham sandwich with whatever fruit and veggies I can scrounge up Monday night :D

veganf said...

Bakugan are banned at their elementary school, but Ryan has told me about how some kids play them in the bathrooms!

We definitely have a few, and the battle arena, but they're not something the boys play with too much.

I saw a few Bakugan items at the party store the other day and almost bought some.

Can't wait to see your Bakugan bento!

Barefoot Books said...

I plan on packing a combo of: sunbutter/whole wheat crackers, veggie/fruit mini muffins, fruit, mini wraps, 'breakfast in a cookie', water, soy nuggets, and will also include other new stuff for my son to try.

eclairre said...

PB&J, Granola bar, and a banana. Never fails.

veganf said...

Barefoot, what's "breakfast in a cookie"?

eclairre - sounds like my lunches exactly when I was a kid...though more often an apple than a banana.

Doula Mommy said...

Favorite sand.- currently a Reuben!

Homeschooling, but we do pack lunches (and the kids actually eat in their Bento boxes everyday, whether we are at home or away!) Homeschool starts Monday, but I have no clue what we'll be having, but I know we are making a cake or cupcakes sometime next week for our Unbirthday Party!

Sybil Runs Things said...

I will pack whatever is in the fridge, but no peanuts :)

Shelly said...

My favorite sandwich has to be what my husband calls "salad on a roll." I just pile as many veggies on there as I can, with mayo, provolone cheese and topped with italian dressing. I especially like the combination of lettuce, tomato, onion, sweet peppers, green peppers and cucumbers. Yum!

veganf said...

I used to be a person - Sounds delish! In Australia I would ask for something very similar (minus the cheese, and mashed avocado in place of the mayo), and each time after I'd explain it they'd say "Oh! A salad sandwich! Why didn't you say so?!" Now why can't people understand that in the US??!

Unknown said...

We are part of a homeschool co-op so my don't need a packed lunch every day but at least once a week they do need one. At least half the time the kids want pb&j. It's easy for me at least. I just got my copy of Vegan Lunchbox Around the World so I might make something from there if I'm feeling adventurous next week before our first co-op day.

malm said...

OMG, My son would go crazy for that!
I would make him a chicken hard boiled egg (I just discoverd how to make those so I'm going crazy with the chicken egg!) with veggies from our small garden, pieces of cheese, a zucchini and banana mini-muffins and some slices of peach or orange.

He would make all the other boys in his class room jealous, we can't find some cool stuff like that in Montreal!

Candace said...

My favorite sandwhich is often called the california sandwhich, it has turkey, avacado, sprouts, lettuce and tomato, all on sourdough bread! YUMMM!

Erin said...

Our first day of school was 2 weeks ago. So if I remember correctly, for son, I packed 2 tiny tuna salad sandwiches, fruit (watermelon, strawberries, grapes), a few pretzels filled with pb, and a few hunks of cheese. For daughter, the same, except pb&j instead of tuna salad.

Unknown said...

Our baby girl (19 month) is not in school but is at a sitter so I pack her snacks and lunch. Today I packed:

Snacks: cherry tomato, almond, apple, cucumber and cheddar bunnies

For lunch: whole wheat angel hair pasta with tomato basil sauce, peas, Nate's meatless meatball, AJ's pumpkin muffin, strawberry and blueberry.

Note: we made the pumpkin muffin with half whole wheat party flour and agave nectar. Delicious!!!

Question: can you use the same muffin recipe and just replace the pumpkin, ie...blueberries, etc....???? BTW, I think you forgot to write the oven temperature for that recipe.

Keep up the great post!!!

veganf said...

Kim & Lewis - I'll go back an edit when I get a chance, but if I don't state an oven temp, you can be sure it's just the default 350F setting that the majority of stuff gets cooked at...though I have to use an oven thermometer to set mine because our oven is old and horrible so I cannot go by the dial.

As far as subbing ingredients for the pumpkin, certain things like other squashes or banana work well, but just pureeing berries, or even apples or pears, will result in dry often burnt muffins because those fruits have a higher water content. You can mess around with decreasing the amount of fruit or decreasing the cooking time slightly, but usually it takes a different combo of ingredients for those foods, or combining a little less of the original fruit with a 1/2 cup of berries.

I have a slew of muffin recipes I'm working on or have finished, but I admit I'm holding some recipes back so that someday if I publish a cookbook people will actually have a reason to buy the darn thing! LOL

Minathia said...

I don't have kids, so my fav sandwich it is!

Peanut butter, banana and honey on wheat bread.


cookiesandmilk said...

Pizza Lunchable? I'm new to sending lunch and am looking around the net for inspiration.

veganf said...

cookiesandmilk - Definitely try your hand at packing lunch yourself. There are so many great ideas on the web! And think of all the money you'll save making even just a simple sandwich and a piece of fruit or veg. Not to mention the far superior nutrition to a Lunchable. If you're hooked on those pre-packaged high salt/fat/empty calorie meals, maybe wean off them slowly, ie. vow to make a homemade lunch just one morning a week.

Erin said...

Minathia : That is my fav also! My children don't seem to like it though. MMMM! Time for lunch. :-)

Jennifer said...

We'll probably be going to the homeschool Not Back To School Beach Party on the public school's 1st day. I'll pack our bentos with banana mini-muffins, apples/grapes (maybe with dip), cucumbers, maybe some crackers. My kids are snackers and will eat from their bentos off and on while we are there.

Notwasted said...

I'm thinking comfort food for the first day because she's starting at a new daycare.

So I have 2 plans (and haven't decided yet)

-Whole wheat spaghetti with an organic tomato sauce and broccoli
-corn on the cob
-blackberry and nectarine fruit salad


-PB and apple butter dinosaur sandwich (cookie cutter)
-carrots (and other veggies) and dip
-rasberries and plums

and of course some almond milk with either one :)