Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Not just junk

Somehow August has ended up as a birthday heavy month in our family. I never intended to have summer babies (actually, I wanted a spring baby, but ended up with an autumn, winter, & 2 summers instead). My husband, aunt, and nephew all have August birthdays, as did my father. So I'm trying not to let cupcakes rule the cuisine for the summer, as tasty as they are!

Nate had a special visit to grandma's house the day after his birthday so they could do birthday stuff without his big brothers crowding the attention. Here is Nate's lunch: blueberries & cherries; flat pretzels; 1/2 wheat english muffin; edamame; tiny pickles; carrot sticks; green bell pepper strips.

For dinner, a nice muffin
tin meal on the picnic
table with organic
limeade to drink. Tops
on drinks are a must for
our yard with so many
mosquitos and other
bugs...luckily the food
disappears quickly!
Row 1: edamame; flat pretzels; smoked Tofurky; cashews.
Row 2: frozen strawberries; green bell pepper strips; Craisins; pickles.
Row 3: round tortilla chips; smoked almonds; cucumber slices; cantaloupe wedges.

Maia still does not care
for any beverages besides
breastmilk, except for the
occasional sip from a
brother's water bottle. But
she adores juicy melon diced
and served within easy
reach in her own Hello Kitty
bowl that I found at the local
supermarket of all places!


Unknown said...


I love reading your blog. You are a SUPERMOM doing such a great job with 3 boys and a girl and cooking them such wonderful nutritious food. Mabyn (18 months) is our first child and it's exhausting with one. Mabyn have the same bento as Nate in this post but her's pink. We have a great Japanese houseware store here in Houston, TX that sell great bento name "FIT". They have this cute hotdog shaper that looks like a penguin. Too cute and of course I thought about you and your blog. Keep up the great work!

veganf said...

Well thanks so much!
What an adorable name Mabyn is, I hadn't heard of it before, but it's similar to a few names we had on our "girl names" list.