Thursday, August 20, 2009

freezer stash prep

School is fast approaching. Only two weeks to go here until elementary school starts, and slightly less than a month until preschool begins. Time to start building up the freezer stash for lunches!!

I envy those with a chest
freezer, but for now our
normal one will have to do.
There are lots of items one
can make ahead and freeze
to make packing lunches in
the morning quicker.

One of the boys' favourites
are mini muffins. They can
be made in a gazillion different
flavours, the kids can help
prepare them, they're easy,
and they freeze and thaw very
well. I've got banana done, and
today we made apple cherry. I
generally save half a dozen in a freezer bag--the best
looking ones--and let the kids & husband attack the rest!

Other things to think about having on hand in the freezer for lunches: burritos &/or burrito filling, gyoza wrappers, dumplings, edamame, veggie burgers (homemade or storebought), mini waffles, frozen veggies (nuke in water or add to pasta), rice.

If you need some extra inspiration to get you excited for fall bento creating, check out this link I just found for some awesome bento art.

So enjoy the rest of your summer, and get those bentos and lunch boxes ready!

Muffin tin picnic below...

Row 1: peanuts & almonds,
raisins & dried apricots, Veggie
Booty, local watermelon.

Row 2: orange slices, flat
pretzels, smoked Tofurky,
baby carrots & bell pepper

Row 3: mini apple cherry
muffins, soy cheese,
cucumber slices, vegetable

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Anonymous said...

Freezer stashing is what I do all the time for lunches and dinner. Seems like that job never ends. But it makes me feel good when I open up that freezer, knowing that lunch and dinner is ready at my fingertips when it seems I'm not!