Saturday, August 29, 2009

backlog weekend

We've been so busy enjoying the last week of summer vacation and getting ready for school to start that I haven't overloaded the blog with my usual plethora of kids pics. Fear not! LOL You can ignore this post and wait until monday for me to post something useful again. Ha ha.

First up, Ryan at the
Lego store for Lego
Club meeting. He built
some really cool stuff
this time. It's actually a
good deal: $15 gets you
an hour of building time
with 19 other kids split
into 4 groups, a cool
t-shirt (my husband's wardrobe is 99% Magic t-shirts, Ryan's is creeping up to 20% Lego t-shirts), a coupon if you want to buy anything, and a big grab bag of random Lego bricks to take home.

Maia knows how to say
"water bottle" quite
clearly, so it wasn't much
of a stretch for her to learn
one of her brothers' fave
pasttimes, "water battle".
Nate had a turn with the
hose, but Ryan was ready
with a repurposed chalk
board shield, LOL.

Oh, did I ever mention I
grew Turkish eggplant this
summer? They were doing
great...I had like 10 of them
on 1 plant growing nicely...
until Mr. Woodchuck decided
they were just right for
harvesting. He left me ONE. And he even left a few marks in that one. He completely devoured my cilantro plant. Grrrr...

With 4 kids it's hard to
keep up with all that
goes on. Maia took her
first steps over a week
ago! She's only managed
3 consecutive steps so
far; she's quite cautious.

The boys' weekend stand
consisted of homemade
chocolate chip cookies,
watermelon slices, and
berry iced tea. The boys
all really loved the apple
juice sweetened iced tea.
Ryan said, "if I ever have
a tea party, that's what
I'll serve." AJ is the only
one who likes hot tea, and
he prefers Japanese green
They used a "Cookies" sign and bubbles to try to lure in customers driving by.

Maia's appetite for solid food has been steadily increasing. She usually shares what I have, along with a plate of finger food for her to eat herself.
And of course the farm
is providing plenty, despite
the lack of tomatoes.

Volunteers spend a lot of
time making the farm a
beautiful place to spend

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Alie said...

Just wanted to thank you for your wonderful site. I have started packing lunches for my boys and get so much inspiration from you!